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Partnering with you for breast health

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women. Riverview Regional Medical Center provides helpful services to educate women on breast health, and encourage self-exams and routine screenings. We utilize highly sophisticated imaging technology that can detect breast cancer at the earliest stages, when treatment can be most effective. The combination of highly trained, caring technologists and the latest imaging technology allows us to deliver the highest quality of care.

For many women, a mammogram is not only physically uncomfortable, it can also be emotionally stressful. However, for women of Etowah and surrounding counties, Riverview Regional Medical Center now offers state-of-the art, 3D mammography in a stress-free environment dedicated just for women.

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The Women’s Diagnostic Center of Riverview Regional Medical Center offers an interactive 3D mammography experience in the area’s first and only Sensory Suite. The experience begins when you walk in the door of the newly renovated spa-like suite.

In the Sensory Suite, women will be surrounded by an interactive experience that stimulates three senses: sight, smell and sound. The air is infused with a light, calming fragrance, while a flat-screen wall monitor displays soothing videos and photos while projecting relaxing sounds of the selected ambiance. Women will feel at ease as the technologist performs the exam using the latest technology in 3D breast imaging.

Digital mammograpy with tomosynthesis

(3D Mammogram) Routine mammograms are the first step in the diagnosis of breast cancer. Research clearly shows they save lives. A 3D mammogram is the “gold standard” in breast imaging. It detects 27-53% more cancers in women than digital 2D mammography alone. 3D mammography reduces breast tissue overlap, revealing lesions that otherwise may have been missed and is particularly useful in women with dense breasts. Tomosynthesis is approved for all women, including those with implants. Our GE tomosynthesis system uses the same amount of low-dose radiation to acquire 3D images as it does for a digital 2D mammogram. A 3D mammogram takes approximately 20 minutes.


Ultrasound is a reliable, radiation-free procedure for breast imaging. Ultrasound can help identify the composition of a breast lump or mass that can be felt or has been detected by a mammogram. The technologist performs a breast ultrasound by passing the transducer or probe across the skin of the breast. An ultrasound of the breast is painless and generally takes approximately 15-20 minutes.

Breast biopsy

If the radiologist has identified an abnormality on a mammogram or ultrasound, a biopsy may be recommended. A Stereotactic breast biopsy has been proven to be as accurate as a surgical “open” biopsy in an operating room and has many advantages. These biopsies:

  • Are performed in an office.
  • Provide for immediate recovery
  • Cost one-fifth to one-third the cost of an open biopsy
  • Take less than one hour to perform
  • Do not cause any scarring or breast deformity, resulting in

more accurate interpretation of follow-up mammograms

In astereotactic breast biopsy, a special mammography machine uses x-rays to help guide the radiologist’s biopsy equipment to the site of the imaging abnormality


Also called Bone Density, is a means of measuring bone density using spectral imaging. Two X-ray beams are aimed at the patient’s bones to measure the bone mineral density. Clinical risk factors for dense or brittle bones include: prior fragility fracture, use of glucocorticoids, heavy smoking, excess alcohol intake, rheumatoid arthritis, history of parental hip fracture, chronic renal and liver disease, chronic respiratory disease, long-term use of phenobarbital or phenytoin, celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and other risks.

Who’s reading your mammograms?

Riverview’s new Women’s Diagnostic Center brings together a comprehensive solution for women’s breast health. This includes Vulcan Imaging Associates, an expert team of breast health specialists including board certified radiologists who are experts in their field with years of experience reading complex images and spotting abnormalities

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