CT Scan

A CT (computed tomography) scan combines X-ray and computer technology to show highly detailed, 3-D images of any part of the body, including bones, muscles, fat, organs and blood vessels. Scans can also be performed using a contrast solution (either swallowed or injected) to make tissues and vessels more visible.

Riverview is proud to have opened two brand new CT suites in November 2018. The suites include the newest CT technology with the Siemens SOMATOM go.ALL. Riverview is currently the only hospital in the state of Alabama with this technology.

For further information contact us at 256-543-5200.


What makes this technology special?

  • Intuitive functionality in CT-guided intervention. Our CT scanners are the first tablet-based, meaning the entire procedure can be controlled from the tablet and remote control. This allows us the ability to keep our focus on what is important: YOU.
  • Sensitive scanning in pediatrics: Radiation dose-reduction technology offers safer scanning for our patients.
  • Standardized stroke workflow helps our clinicians provide faster, more accurate information in stroke diagnosis due to excellent gray/white matter differentiation, dynamic imaging, and high acquisition speed.
  • The SOMATOM go.ALL provides faster and consistent low-dose imaging in oncology. Oncology patients routinely undergo multiple CT scans for staging, therapy planning, and follow-up, which means low-dose imaging is imperative for superior patient care.