Your Surgery

If you or a loved one needs surgery, you can count on exceptional care from Riverview Regional Medical Center. You’ll find surgeons who are leaders in their specialties, and a team of skilled and caring professionals who have access to the latest surgical technology.

We offer a full range of surgical services in almost every medical specialty — everything from surgeries to treat colorectal cancer, gastroesophageal reflux and hernias, to minimally invasive and robotic-assisted surgical options. All of our general surgeons are certified to handle traumatic injuries.

For further information contact us at 256-543-5270.

Doctor and senior patient talking in hospital room

Focus on patient comfort and safety

Our skilled teams work in state-of-the-art surgical suites, and deliver personalized care using sophisticated medical technology. We work closely with patients, families and their primary care doctors to ensure that we answer every question and address every concern. At Riverview Regional Medical Center, our focus is on patient safety, care and comfort.

Before Surgery

Knowing what to expect about an upcoming surgery can provide comfort to both you and your family. To help in your preparation, we have outlined information that allows you to take care of some important items before you come to the hospital.

Your surgeon’s office will schedule your procedure with our scheduling staff. If necessary, they will contact you with any individualized information and instructions, including pre-surgery tests and procedures, prior to your procedure. It is your responsibility to pre-authorize these procedures with your insurance company; check with your physician’s office staff to see if they provide this service.

Pre-register with Riverview by checking with your physician and following their instructions. Once scheduled, our hospital will follow up with you to let you know of your appointment time.

Please have your insurance information available.

Please note that we are required for hospital accreditation to have you fill out surgical health and medication history forms. These forms may be in addition to the history forms required or used by your surgeon or doctor.

Note: Important! Your arrival time will be earlier than your scheduled procedure time in order to complete the necessary preparations for the procedure.

Preadmission Testing
This needs to be completed prior to your surgery. Your physician’s office will schedule your preadmission testing with Riverview. You will then be notified by your physician’s office as to your appointment date. This could be scheduled up to two weeks prior to your surgery.

You will need to have your insurance cards and Driver’s License and/or Social Security Card.

Please have a list of all mediations you are currently taking. This can easily be obtained from your pharmacy.

Expect your preadmission process to take approximately 1½ to 2 hours.

The day before your surgery our Preadmissions office will call to follow up with reminders.

Day of Surgery

Day Surgery will call and notify you of the time you should arrive at the hospital.

Reception and Admitting
Complete admissions paperwork prior to arriving at the hospital for your procedure. When you arrive at Riverview for your procedure, remember to check in at the Surgical Services registration desk on the second floor.

Pre-Operative Area
You will be taken to a private area where you will change into hospital clothes. A registered nurse will perform an assessment, and you will be prepared for surgery. This may include: having vital signs and weight measured, starting an IV (intravenous) line, conducting lab tests, skin prep and marking of operative site, if necessary. At your request, we will provide you a warm blanket. You may bring a book or magazine to read while you wait. You will learn about your anesthesia, the medication that will help to keep you comfortable during your procedure.

Anesthesia will be provided based on your surgery type and your health status. All anesthesiologists are medical doctors with special training in the field of anesthesiology. A registered nurse, under direction of your surgeon, will administer medications. Your surgeon and anesthesiologist will visit with you in the preoperative area. Please feel free at this time to ask any questions regarding your procedure.

A nurse from the operating room will also visit you to verify your name, allergies, food intake status, and to identify the surgical site. Children may be medicated prior to surgery. Parents must watch medicated children closely at all times. Waiting times before your procedure starts will vary. The actual time your surgery begins will depend on longer or shorter surgery times and emergencies. We will make every effort to keep you informed if a delay occurs. You will be transported to the operative area by a member of the surgical team. Your family will be shown where to wait during your surgery. No family may be permitted in the operating room during the surgery.

Operating Room / Surgical Area
Your physician will visit with you prior to surgery. Please feel free at this time to ask any questions regarding your procedure. Anesthetic will be administered before the procedure begins.

Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)
Your recovery begins with individual nursing care, including pain management. The time spent in this area will be based on your needs, the type of anesthesia and the procedure performed. Family will not be able to visit in the Recovery Room. Once you have met specific medical criteria, you will be discharged to the post-operative area.

Post-Operative Area
You will be observed and made comfortable until your doctor decides it is safe for you to go home or be admitted to the hospital for recovery. The duration of this stage is dependent on your needs, type of anesthesia and the procedure performed.

Same Day Surgery

Riverview ’s Ambulatory Care Unit (ACU) provides comprehensive care to medical and surgical patients admitted for same day procedures. The Same Day Surgery team provides professional medical care and assists each patient with everything needed for a positive outcome, from pre-hospitalization through discharge and aftercare.

A sample of Same Day procedures include:

  • Minor surgical procedures with conscious sedation
  • Endoscopy procedures
  • Chemotherapy administration
  • IV medication administration
  • Pain therapy
  • Gastrointestinal lab
  • Medical observation

Same Day Surgery provides:

  • Pre-admission testing
  • Pre-admission registration
  • Pre- and post-operative care and assessment

For further information, please call 256-543-5270.