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Our Commitment to You

Riverview Regional Medical Center is committed to providing our patients with the safest, highest-quality, most satisfying care possible.

Many factors are considered before patients and their families choose a hospital, but ultimately, none are more important than the quality of patient care and the satisfaction experienced by patients and their families. That’s why we follow strict quality and safety health care practices throughout our entire hospital, and why we monitor compliance with these practices and continuously seek ways to improve.

We believe that providing a satisfying experience is a critical component of a hospital stay or visit to Riverview Regional Medical Center. For this reason, we ask our patients to tell us about their total care experience – from the attentiveness of our nursing staff to the cleanliness of their rooms. We then use this feedback to continuously improve every aspect of our operations.

To objectively measure our patients’ overall care experience, we use a third-party study, Press Ganey, to measure patient satisfaction and compare our results with those of other hospitals nationwide. Patients are asked to assess their satisfaction in different categories – overall hospital experience, nurses, physicians, tests and treatments, admission, visitors and family, personal issues, discharge, room and meals. Please take the time to complete this survey upon receipt following your discharge so that we can learn about your experience and make improvements or changes as needed.